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A commercial bridge loan may be a great startup solution for an entrepreneur. Real estate requires adequate funds, and sometimes on short notice. Most new companies do not have the qualifications big time lenders require to dish out that kind of money. This type of loan bridges the gap between what’s keeping you from a suitable facility to operate your dream business.


Having your own independent practice is a perfect step for medical practitioners. Freedom of self-employment and offering top-notch personal services to your patients are a core impetus. Before placing your bet on independent practice, plan for equipment acquisition, administrative roles, network contracts, private practice and operational costs. Fortunately, medical equipment finance helps you overcome one...


The First Step: Understand the Credit Requirements Credit cards can be easy to acquire for business (and personal use). Potential borrowers must meet lenders credit score requirements. You typically need to have a fair to excellent credit history to get approved for any type of business or personal credit card. Depending on the lender, your...


Doing your working capital homework is a great start. Every business needs it at every level to be successful. It helps you take care of all your company’s operational functions. What varies from business to business is the amount of money you need. Before applying for working capital funds, you’ll want to know how much working capital do i need. Use this guide to learn how to do the math.


So you’ve come up with a great, new, and original business idea for a brand-new start-up. Congratulations! Maybe you’ve got a brilliant new invention, an amazing product no one has ever seen before, or an unbelievably innovative new service that’s going to change the way things are done in the industry of your choice. Unfortunately, you can’t just sell your idea- you will need to obtain capital for business start up and build a successful business around it.