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In the business world, credit is of utmost importance. It’s a critical part of the main ingredients for business growth. Good credit history and a decent score can get you access to funding when you need it. That along with collateral are what creditors look for most before taking the risk of lending you money. If you’re in the position of putting up collateral, you should know what is a ucc filing on a credit report.


As a small business owner, you've probably taken out a loan in the past to help in the growth of your business. While small business loans can help in boosting your business, the repayment obligations can be strenuous. This is especially true if your business is not growing at the pace you expected. Instead of struggling to repay your small business loan, consider refinancing your current business loan, as a way to achieve your business goals faster. Loan refinancing happens when you secure a new loan, with more favorable terms, to offset the current one. However, you must first ensure that your business is eligible for a business loan to refinance.


The construction business is flourishing once again. Residential construction is the fastest growing industry for small businesses thanks to an increase in housing demand. In fact, 60% of the top 10 fastest growing industries among SMBs revolve around construction. They include architects, contractors and real estate agents, according to SBA. The commercial construction sector is also rebounding. Demand for office space and the resurge of disposable incomes will increase the need for retail buildings. Entrepreneurs eyeing the construction industry face the challenge of securing capital. Fortunately, construction business loans are a suitable solution.


A commercial bridge loan may be a great startup solution for an entrepreneur. Real estate requires adequate funds, and sometimes on short notice. Most new companies do not have the qualifications big time lenders require to dish out that kind of money. This type of loan bridges the gap between what’s keeping you from a suitable facility to operate your dream business.


Having your own independent practice is a perfect step for medical practitioners. Freedom of self-employment and offering top-notch personal services to your patients are a core impetus. Before placing your bet on independent practice, plan for equipment acquisition, administrative roles, network contracts, private practice and operational costs. Fortunately, medical equipment finance helps you overcome one...


It seems like someone’s always in need of a banquet hall. People are using rentals more than ever for events large or small. Weddings, corporate functions, baby showers, and even birthday parties take place in event venues. People prefer to use a seperate space and preserve their own, moving events from home to the banquet hall. That leaves room for a lucrative opportunity if you make a plan and find the money. Finding out how much does it cost to start a banquet hall business is a great start. Here’s what else you need to open a banquet hall.