Over the last 14 years we have had the privilege of assisting thousands of amazing small business owners.
Thomas GazawayLenCred Founder and CEO

Helping the SMB community has become our passion. We love helping YOU fund YOUR dreams! It’s incredibly rewarding to see the energy, excitement, grit, and never-say-die attitude that comes from each of you as you fight the odds and do the impossible every day!

We have spent lots of time and several million dollars putting together the technology and the team of people that can serve you. Like you and your business, we feel our work is really never done. There’s always more to build, a new piece of software to design to bring efficiency, a great idea that will better support our audience that needs time, resources, and attention, etc. etc. So much like you it’s a good thing we LOVE what we do because the pursuit of excellence here at LenCred will never end.

Let us know how we can serve you and – if you could benefit from some additional low-cost financing OR you would like to better position yourself to WIN at the finance game – ask us about how to see one of our Custom Strategic Plans. They are pretty cool and they are holistic in helping you not just NOW but also to be positioned for the future as well so you can focus on what YOU do while we help you navigate the daunting terrain of small business credit and finance.

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Making a Difference and Having Fun in the Process!

LenCred is always looking for passionate and talented people to help us pursue the mission to make a positive difference in the businesses we are fortunate enough to serve.

The office is open, come on in!

Helping people, funding dreams, making a difference!

Everyone's Talking About Our Company Culture

The LenCred Team are industry professionals with a service mindset and an innovative, collaborative culture. We work to understand your business and are driven to help you find the best financial solutions for your business! We hope to work with you soon.

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